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By attending Penthouse I agree to the below guidelines and etiquette.

  • I understand that I may not discuss any aspect of the club, the activities or its members with any persons, unless with written permission from the management.

  • I understand that Penthouse reserves the right to cancel my membership at any time and may not receive a refund.

  • I am NOT a member of the media/press or working independently with the media/press.

  • I confirm that I have not been coerced into attending Penthouse, and I am doing so out of my own free will and enjoyment.


Verbal or physical abuse directed at fellow guests or staff will not be tolerated and may be reported to authorities.

Be respectful and don't pester other guests.

alcohol & drugs

We have a fully licensed bar, but we ask that you drink responsibly. No drinks are allowed in the playrooms.

Anyone intoxicated will be asked to leave, as this is a breach of our license.



Hygiene is paramount! 

Look after yourselves and the playrooms for the comfort of the Penthouse community.

No chewing gum allowed.

no means no

If at any moment you feel uncomfortable then stop. 

Penthouse Playrooms is a place for consensual and safe fun and nobody should feel any pressure.


Please report any discomfort to a member of staff immediately - so we can deal with the situation straight away.

mobile phones

Mobile phones and cameras are not permitted inside Penthouse. 

If you need to use your phone, please come to reception and do so there.

dress code

Dress to impress!

Ladies: Glam and sexy

Men: Smart and polished

Smart trainers allowed.


No tracksuits, ripped jeans, sportswear, hoodies, caps, or scruffy workwear.

Footwear must be worn at all times in the main areas.


We need to see an official photographic ID (driving license, passport or citizen card) from all guests entering the club as part of our license agreements.

Don't have the correct ID? No entry.

Penthouse is 21+

have fun!

And remember, what goes on at Penthouse, stays at Penthouse! 

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